Wanted: entrepreneurial spirit in the diaspora

Are you currently living in Germany and do you have an innovative business idea that you would like to implement in your country of origin? 

’Business Ideas for Development’ will support you in starting a successful business. The preconditions are: you would like to set up your business in one of our partner countries and contribute to the sustainable development goals of the Agenda 2030 by solving an economic, social or ecological problem that is prevalent in your country of origin. Funding is primarily provided for business ideas that contribute to gender equality, climate protection or improving the health situation.

Partner countries of "Business Ideas for Development"

  • Cameroon
  • Colombia
  • Ecuador
  • Ghana
  • India
  • Serbia 
  • Tunisia
  • Vietnam

Creating new opportunities through knowledge transfer and innovation

We believe that diaspora entrepreneurs can use their expertise and international experience to support sustainable development in their country of origin. They generate economic growth and create new jobs. They act as a bridge for the transfer of knowledge, and their innovative business ideas contribute to solving pressing societal problems. To sum up: diaspora entrepreneurs create new opportunities – for themselves and for their country of origin.

Starting a business is a bold step that requires considerable forethought and planning. This is particularly the case when you want to start a business in your country of origin, far from where you currently live. You can expect life in general, and the business environment in particular, to bring different challenges to those you are used to experiencing in Germany. While setting up your business, you might have to face time-consuming bureaucracy, navigate complex laws or overcome difficulties in obtaining financing for your start-up.

For these reasons, together with our experienced partners, we provide advice and assistance to diaspora entrepreneurs before and during the start-up process. That is to say: our support starts in Germany and continues later on in the country where you will launch your business. 

What we offer

Your Profile

  • Individual support and coaching in Germany and in your country of origin
  • Financial assistance of EUR 7,000 to pay for market research and specific measures and services to start your business 
  • Additional financial assistance to carry out your market research
  • Support in finding investors and other useful business contacts
  • Networking with other entrepreneurs, business networks and business incubators
  • You are currently living in Germany. 
  • You are originally from Cameroon, Colombia, Ecuador, Ghana, India, Serbia, Tunisia or Vietnam
  • You already have a specific business idea relevant to the sustainable development goals of  Agenda 2030
  • You want to set up or develop your own business in your country of origin within the next few months.
Farid El-Houzia sitzt an einem Schreibtisch. Auf dem Tisch stehen mehrere Boxen und ein Roboter. Um den Tisch herum stehen weitere Mitarbeiter.
Isaac zeigt einem Mitarbeiter ein technisches Gerät, welches er in der Hand hält.

This section contains answers to some of the questions most frequently asked about starting a business in your country of origin.

Do you live in Germany and are you thinking about setting up a business in your country of origin? Do you want to change your life and the development in your country of origin for the better?

We are here to support you! This FAQ contains answers to the questions most frequently asked about ‘Business Ideas for Development’. 


If the information you are looking for is not in our FAQ, please feel free to contact us directly.