Benefit from a strong network!

We are convinced that more can be achieved together. This is especially true for charitable work. Many associations ask themselves the same questions when it comes to successfully implementing projects, looking for suitable partners and bringing about change. We would like to support the exchange of experience between diaspora organisations and the establishment of networks.

Diaspora forum


  • Annual exchange and networking event
  • Around 100 participants from the diasporic civil society
  • Representatives of the BMZ, GIZ GmbH and other (funding) institutions
  • You have a history of migration yourself and would like to get involved in your country of origin.
  • You are involved in a diaspora-related organisation.
  • You would like to network with other people from diaspora organisations.
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Diaspora forum

To this end, we organise the “Diaspora Forum” every year, at which representatives of the diaspora come together to exchange ideas about their work, make new contacts and cultivate networks. The forum offers different formats for exchange and discussion: lectures, panel discussions, peer-to-peer workshops, power pitches and plenty of space for informal networking. The core topics of the forum are developed together with interested representatives from diaspora organisations.

The Diaspora Forum brings together around 100 participants every year. In addition, representatives of the BMZ, GIZ GmbH, and other (funding) institutions take part.

Digital Diaspora Dialogue (Di³)

In addition to the Diaspora Forum, we organise network events and a series of events on particularly relevant topics at irregular intervals. This year, for example, the "Digital Diaspora Dialogue (Di³)" will take place, a virtual series of events, the four modules of which were developed in a consultation process together with interested representatives from diaspora organisations.

  1. Networking and exchange of diaspora actors with one another ("Diaspora Campfires")
  2. Peer-to-peer learning ("Diaspora Inspiration")
  3. Overview of funding oopportunities for migrant-diasporic actors ("Funds for Diaspora")
  4. Exchange between diaspora and BMZ ("Diaspora Meets BMZ")

Invitations to network events

Virtual events take place for each of the modules.

We publish the invitations to our network events via our e-mail distribution list. To be included in the mailing list, please send an informal email to: