Frequently asked questions

Diaspora2030 is an information platform of German development cooperation. It provides information on funding opportunities for engaging in the field of diaspora development. 

The website is operated by the Programme Shaping development-oriented migration (MEG). MEG is implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

Diaspora2030 is primarily aimed at people who live in Germany, have a migration history and are interested in development policies. If you would like to use your expertise and experience to initiate change and work for a future worth living for people in our partner countries, then you have come to the right place.

German development cooperation is committed to the 2030 Agenda and the associated development goals of the United Nations. With the name Diaspora2030, we want to focus on the contribution that the diaspora can make to achieving these goals.

The diaspora opens up new perspectives and access to development-relevant fields in the partner countries of German development cooperation and is therefore a valued partner. With their language skills, local networks and knowledge of local conditions and needs, people with a migration history and diaspora organisations make an important contribution to sustainable development.



We support people who live in Germany and have a history of migration and would like to get involved on development-relevant level for up to three months in one of our partner countries. 



We support diaspora organisations in Germany that would like to work together with a local partner organisation on a non-profit and development-relevant project in one of our partner countries.



We support people with a history of migration who have completed training or worked in Germany and would like to implement an innovative business idea in their countries of origin that contributes to sustainable development.



We support people with a history of migration who are returning to their country of origin and would like to contribute their skills and expertise in a field relevant to development by helping them find a job, networking and further training.

Applications will be accepted again tentaively from summer 2023.


Further funding opportunities can be found here.

The Programme Shaping development-oriented migration is active in 15 countries. You can find an overview of our partner countries on the respective pages of the categories "Starting a business", "Volunteering" and "Working".