E-Learning course launch: “Make remittances work for you”

Many people living in Germany send money to their friends, families or communities in their country of origin. This money makes a huge difference in their daily lives. And with the right knowledge and tools, remittances can be invested successfully for long-term development, for example via a small business or local investment. So take the plunge and register now for the fun new e-learning course “Make remittances work for you.”

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Which courses are available?

In addition to the English version, the general course “Make remittances work for you” is also available in Arabic and German.

Besides, we recently launched three country-specific courses for people from GhanaJordan and Kosovo.


Who is the course for?

The online course is for anyone interested to get the most out of remittances for longer term projects. If you are transferring money abroad, receiving money from abroad or working on the topic together with the diaspora community, this course offers you useful knowledge.


What is the course about?

“Make remittances work for you” will increase your confidence and knowledge in terms of managing your money and budget and understanding the opportunities to invest a part of the remittances funds into longer term investments (such as small businesses, savings accounts, insurance).


The course consists of four fun and short modules:

1. Fit to remit – social and technical aspects of remittances + advice to plan personal budget

2. Fit to save – how and why to save

3. Fit to invest – how and why to invest

4. Fit to entrepreneur – how to start a new business or develop an existing business further + how to structure and analyse a business


You will get fresh ideas, hands-on tools and templates that support you in applying your new knowledge. After passing the course you will receive a digital certificate. Don't forget to leave your feedback at the end of the course - it's only one question and takes less than a minute.


How can I take part in the course?

Register for free and make sure your browser allows pop-up windows.

Register now