Put your skills to good use as a volunteer in your country of origin by exchanging ideas and passing on your knowledge

The term ‘diaspora experts’ is used for well-qualified and skilled people with a migration history who wish to support their country of origin by working as volunteers. As a diaspora expert, you will pass on your knowledge and skills through short-term assignments in development projects in your country of origin involving local organisations. This is a great way to support development in your country of origin while achieving a sense of personal fulfillment.

GIZ’s recruitment role

Working on behalf of the German Federal Government, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH supports diasporic engagement and short-term assignments of experts in volunteer roles. It will put you in touch with suitable organisations that are interested in your skills – unless, of course, you already have such an organisation in mind. Support is available for assignments lasting between three weeks and three months with state institutions or public-benefit organisations such as administrative bodies at various levels of government, academic institutions, chambers of commerce, civic groups, and non-governmental organisations. The programme is open to people from a wide range of careers and sectors, including managers, financial advisors, organisational developers, engineers, legal specialists, doctors, vehicle mechanics, skilled manual workers, and health care professionals. To qualify for support, the assignment must have a development focus.

Apply now as a Diaspora Expert!

If you want to work as a diaspora expert in your country of origin, please send your application documents together with the completed expression of interest (Download: Expression of interest) encrypted to the following e-mail address: diaspora2030@giz.de.*

*By sending your personal data via email, you agree that your personal data will also be processed by the Programme Migration & Diaspora and transmitted to other bodies as part of the placement. These include our partner institutions. This consent can be withdrawn at any time by sending an email to diaspora2030@giz.de. 


Please note that due to the Corona pandemic, assignments as diaspora experts are only possible to a limited extent. Nevertheless, we encourage you to apply and kindly ask for your patience.

What we offer

Your profile

  • Financial assistance towards your expenses during the assignment
  • Paid travel expenses
  • A basic insurance package
  • Referrals to suitable organisations that are interested in your expertise
  • Local support during your assignment from our team of coordinators 
  • You are currently living in Germany and have a migration history from one of the following countries:
  • Albania, Cameroon, Colombia, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Georgia, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Kenya, Kosovo, Morocco, Nepal, Nigeria, Peru, Palestinian Territories, Senegal, Serbia, Tunisia, Ukraine or Vietnam.
  • You have completed your vocational training or university degree in Germany or your degree is recognised in Germany.
  • You have at least two years relevant professional experience in Germany or another OECD-country in the field in which you would like to work during your assignment.
  • You are planning to undertake a short-term assignment of between three weeks and three months in a development-related area.

Important note: The available funding is limited and it cannot be guaranteed that your application can actually be considered, even if you meet all the criteria.

Eine Frau sitzt vor einem Laptop. Neben ihr steht eine Frau und zeigt auf den Bildschirm des Laptops.
Eine Kopftuch tragende Frau sitzt im Cockpit eines Flugzeuges. Sie zeigt Daumen hoch in die Kamera und lächelt.
Surafel Mengistu trägt OP-Kleidung und lächelt in die Kamera. Um den Hals trägt er ein Stethoskop.

Real-life examples

Surafel Mengistu trained as a nurse in Germany. His desire to help others led him to volunteer in his native country, Ethiopia, where he applies his expertise at a nursing home of the Macedonians Humanitarian AssociationMacadonias Humanitarian Association.

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Are you looking for a short-term assignment that allows you to put your skills to good use in your country of origin? Do you still have questions about the requirements, conditions, and application process?

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